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Classiclectic Programming Changes during COVID-19

Kurt Hauswirth
Public Radio 90

Hello dear listeners,

As you are all aware at this point, the COVID-19 "new coronavirus" pandemic is making sweeping changes  quickly in our country and across the world. At Public Radio 90, we are keeping the music, news and information you need on the air. It is with your support that we are able to do so - thank you.

For Classiclectic, the program will also change over the next few weeks. As K-12 schools in Michigan are closed, and with the flexibility of doing some work from home, we are able to keep the classical music you love on the airwaves in a variety of ways. Classiclectic will not air in its entirety (the full amended schedule is below), but instead we will provide rebroadcasts of beloved evening concerts and classical offerings.

Here is the updated Classiclectic schedule (at least until Monday April 6th):

  • Monday - Friday 9:30-10:00am: Classiclectic with Kurt Hauswirth
  • Monday 10:00am: Concierto
  • Tuesday 10:00am: Chicago Symphony Orchestra
  • Wednesday 10:00am: The Cleveland Orchestra
  • Thursday 10:00am: New York Philharmonic
  • Friday 10:00am: Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts

We appreciate your support of Public Radio 90, especially during trying times. We hope the music brings you joy, excitement, peace, or whatever it is that brings you to our classical offerings on Public Radio 90, WNMU-FM.

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