8-18 Media

Sunday at 9:34am

This special program features news reports and commentaries produced by journalists ages 8 to 18 from the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum. The young journalists tackle issues that affect them across the spectrum, but reports are written for an adult audience.

Liam Ulland-Joy, 12, and Esme Ulland-Joy, 8, interview a music teacher who talks about the importance of music in students' lives.

Archery becomes a new hobby for Anja McBride, 12.

What goes into creating exhibits for a children's museum?  Liam Ulland-Joy, 12, Annabella Martinson, 13, Angel O'Connor, 17, Sophia Portale, 12, Michael Mankee, 12, Esme Ulland-Joy, 8, and Will Guter, 16, tell us.

Michael Mankee, 12, describes his interesting trip to South America.

Liam Ulland-Joy, 12, Annabella Martinson, 12, Sophia Portale, 12, Anja McBride, Anna Rayhorn, and Liam Rockwood present the story of how the U.P. Children's Museum was created.

Anja McBride, 12, tells us how physical therapy has helped her.

Eleanor Grosvenor, 12, talks about her fascination with everything Star Wars.

Sophia Capuana, 9, discovers the thrill of swimming.

We hear the story of a Thai woman who left her home country to become a Presbyterian pastor at a church in Big Bay. By Ian Bek, 15, Elise Heide, 13, Annabella Martinson, 12, Liam Ulland-Joy, 12, Michael Mankee, 12, and Anja McBride, 12.

Liam Ulland-Joy, 11, talks about what occupies his mind most these days.