The Children's Hour

Saturdays at 1pm

Credit The Children's Hour Inc.

Created for and with kids, The Children’s Hour explores incredibly diverse themes using interviews, storytelling, poetry, music, and discussion. It feature young performers and thinkers, as well as adult expert guests in all fields, and weaves the show themes together with great music.

The Children’s Hour is for listeners of all ages.  Produced by KUNM in Albuquerque, New Mexico, each episode seeks to entertain, while recognizing that almost no topic is too “sophisticated” for children, and that through exposure to science, technology, community service, civic engagement and cultural collaboration, we can successfully address both educational gaps and trends toward low publicparticipation by young people.

The Children's Hour Inc.

Coming January 2021 on Public Radio 90:
A New Saturday Afternoon Lineup Inspired By You! 

We depend on your feedback about the programs you value as well as suggestions for future improvements and changes. In fact, your feedback inspired our new Saturday afternoon program line-up, which rolls out this month.  

Saturdays at 1pm: The Children’s Hour