Holiday Readings & Remembrances

Weekdays at 9:35 a.m. ET during December

Holiday Readings & Remembrances 

Reflections on the season as told by members of Northern Michigan University and the surrounding community.


Monday, 12/2 - Christine Saari - Christmas Poems

Tuesday, 12/3 - Elizabeth Bates - A Christmas Remembrance

Wednesday, 12/4 - Chrys Levesque Hendrick

Thursday, 12/5 - Walt Lindala - Quiet Finnish Christmas

Friday, 12/6 - Russ Magnaghi - History of Christmas III - Finnish CHristmas in the U.P.

Monday, 12/9 - Jon Addison - Holiday story of Uncle Chuck

Tuesday, 12/10 - Lynn Emerick - A Christmas Remembrance (Dorothy Byrd)

Wednesday, 12/11 - Hans Ahlstrom - An Old World Christmas in 1970s Chicago

Thursday. 12/12 - Nicole Walton - Holiday poems

Friday, 12/13 - poetry by Russ Thorburn and Milt Bates

Monday, 12/16 - Kurt Hauswirth - Our First Big Family Christmas

Tuesday, 12/17 - Austin Hummel - Visiting Family in Florida

Wednesday, 12/18 - Martin Achatz - Feasts of the Holy Family

Thursday, 12/19 - Bruce Closser - A Christmas Carol, part I

Friday, 12/20 - Bruce Closser - A Christmas Carol, part II

2015 Holiday Readings & Remembrances

Christmas Blizzard of 1961

Dec 30, 2014

Robert Glenn reads Dylan Thomas' "A Child's Christmas in Wales"

A Pup's Tale

Dec 2, 2014

Hans Ahlstrom reads Floyd Preston's story, "A Pup's Tale."

 (for this story, Floyd Preston is the pen name of Gretchen Preston)

originally aired 12/20/2013

  Holiday Readings & Remembrances

Share your Memories

Every December, Public Radio 90 listeners share their favorite and most heartwarming holiday memories and stories on Holiday Readings & Remembrances. We’re treated to new stories, old favorites and even a little bit of song.

We count on listeners like you to help carry on the tradition each year.

So if you have a holiday story of your own that you’d like to share with other Public Radio 90 listeners during Holiday Readings & Remembrances we want to hear from you.

Frank and Virginia

Dec 31, 2013

Matt Surrell tells the story of "Frank and Virginia"  

Russ Magnaghi gives us A Holiday's History Lesson

Marty Achatz reads his story, "Anatomy of a Christmas Poem."

Christine Saari reads her story, "Fi

  rst Christmas, December 24, 1938."