Northern Michigan Voices: Our Own Local StoryCorps Stories

Wednesdays @7:45am & 5:44pm and Sundays @5:35pm
  • Hosted by Hannah Moran


Northern Michigan Voices presents local stories from local voices recorded during July of 2014 by Story Corps.  The recordings were then edited down by the NMU Advanced Audio class under the direction of  the late Dr. Charles Ganzert.

Jorma Lankinen talks about immigrating to the U.S. when he was young

Tom Lakenen talks about building the pavilion at Lakenen Land and the generous donation that made it possible.

Abbey Hauswirth talks with Leigh Barry about finding a home

Bobby Glenn Brown talks about what drew him to Catholicism and what happened when the local perish found out he was in a committed homosexual relationship. 

Floyd and Tricia Slotterback talk about the beginning of their romance

  Suzanne Bowers talks about the training she receives for her job at the telephone company. She also explains how being a woman affected her training.

In story one, Jeremiah Baumann tells how he got into becoming a wildland firefighter and what kept him interested in such a labor tough career.

  First Camping Trip story is about her first time ever going camping with her soon to be husband. They go rustic camping and she is a bit surprised to find out what that really means. 

Rich Rossway and Dave Mastric discuss their experience with swearing on an army base verses talking more appropriately  at home. They explain how much there “language” has changed since having children.

Frida Waara talks about her love of the Arctic and her experience in training to cross-country ski to the North Pole