Northern Michigan Voices: Our Own Local StoryCorps Stories

Wednesdays @7:45am & 5:44pm and Sundays @5:35pm
  • Hosted by Hannah Moran


Northern Michigan Voices presents local stories from local voices recorded during July of 2014 by Story Corps.  The recordings were then edited down by the NMU Advanced Audio class under the direction of  the late Dr. Charles Ganzert.

  George Truckey talks about growing up in Marquette in the 1940s

Anne talks about being the marketing director for NMU. She talks about SISU and the natural beauty of Marquette.  She talks about how Northern students come to Marquette and become yoopers. Anne also talks about Marquette and how it has become her home.  

In their first story, Jane Ryan and Mary Snitgen talk about where their outings with Women Out Of Doors have taken them around the U.P.  They also discuss what they feel these outings have changed in their lives for the better, and how they continue to be prepared for them.

Paul Perrault toalks to Sarah Derwin about his career in the mines.

Harold talks about the history of pie and pie crust

Steve Nelson, Professor in the Political Science Department at NMU, grew up in a small town in Iowa. Today he talks about the Vignie Store and a dog hit by a car.

Susan Morgan talks about llife leading up to moving to Marquette.

Holly Greer and Sally May discuss their early work together in the late sixties, traveling to different male-centered organizations around the U.P. to raise awareness for equality for women and to create new opportunities for women in the workforce. 

Jorma Lankinen’s ’96 Builder’s Conference Story is about how he spoke at a conference and was invited to Russia to speak at their city commission meeting and teach them how to build energy efficient towns and houses.

Tom Lakenen talks about building Lakenen Land and his struggles in dealing with the township over local ordinances.