Bishop John Doerfler

MARQUETTE, MI--   Starting Saturday wearing a mask will be mandatory for indoor church services, meetings, and events in the Catholic Diocese of Marquette.  

Bishop John Doerfler says the rule applies to those over the age of 5. Priests, deacons, and others ministering in the sanctuary, which is located at a distance from the congregation, are not required to wear masks. However, Doerfler says they should during the distribution of communion or when in close proximity to the congregation.

MARQUETTE, MI--  When Bobby Glenn Brown was told he couldn't actively participate in mass at a local

Catholic church because he had a commitment ceremony with his partner, many people in the community expressed their outrage.  Bobby has since had a meeting with Bishop of the Marquette Diocese John Doerfler, who said Bobby could return to St. Michael's on three conditions.

Bobby returned to the Public Radio 90 studios to talk about what was said.