buying pseudoephedrine

LANSING, MI--   Bills sponsored by state Senator Ed McBroom to combat the spread of meth have passed the Senate.

The legislation would place restrictions on the amount of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine a person may purchase per month and per year. A resident would be allowed to buy 7.2 grams per month, down from 9 grams, and up to 61.2 grams per year.

MARQUETTE, MI--   Five people have been arrested and three meth labs disrupted in Delta and Marquette counties this week. 

The Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team conducted an investigation into individuals who were buying pseudoephedrine to make meth.  On Wednesday detectives arrested Daniel Soulliere and Joshua Richards, both of Gwinn.  They’re charged with conspiracy to manufacture meth and remain lodged at the Marquette County Jail.