cell phone ban

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Court clerks around Michigan are criticizing a proposal to allow phones and other electronic devices in courthouses.

Among their objections: They fear they’ll lose money.

The Michigan Supreme Court is holding a public hearing Wednesday in Lansing.

Courts typically charge people to make copies of public documents. Someone with an electronic device could do it for free. For example, Mason County charges $1 per page. Clerk Cheryl Kelly says the proposed rule “would put a dent in our revenue.”

MADISON, WI (AP)--   Wisconsin is gradually taking steps to regulate cellphone use while driving, but an all-out ban is still a year or more away in the state Legislature. 

Legislators approved a bill this month imposing a $20 to $40 fine for drivers talking on handheld cellphones in construction zones, with the fine rising to $50 to $100 for subsequent offenses within a year.

The Republican-controlled Legislature meanwhile ignored a Democratic proposal for a broader ban on the practice, leaving it to die as the session wrapped up.