City of Negaunee

NEGAUNEE, MI--   The City of Negaunee is holding a State of the City event next week. 

Along with the Lake Superior Community Partnership, officials will also discuss the Moving Forward Strategy. The plan includes several strategies the city is engaged in now and others it will be acting upon in the near future.

During the State of the City portion of the event, attendees will hear an update on the status of the infrastructure in Negaunee.

The presentations take place Wednesday, October 9 at 5 p.m. at the Negaunee High School Auditorium.

NEGAUNEE, MI--   The City of Negaunee is trying to restore its VFW monument and create a Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Park through a crowdfunding effort. 

A campaign has been established on Patronicity. If the crowdfunding goal of $12,000 is reached by June 2 the project will win a matching grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s Public Spaces Community Places program.

NEGAUNEE, MI--   The City of Negaunee is partnering with Michigan Tech to explore using abandoned mines to store electrical energy.

The pilot study would determine if abandoned mines can be profitably converted into utility-scale batteries, storing “green” energy for consumers on the electrical grid. The project would use underground pumped hydro storage—a technology that stores water at a high elevation, then allows it to flow down through a turbine to generate electricity.

NEGAUNEE, MI--   A road project through the City of Negaunee is set to start on Tuesday. 

The Michigan Department of Transportation is resurfacing 1.7 miles of US-41/M-28, beginning about 900 feet east of Water Street and ending 500 feet east of Iroquois Drive. MDOT will spend about $3.6 million for pavement milling, asphalt resurfacing, curb and gutter replacement, drainage upgrades, pavement marking, and sign upgrades.

The Teal Lake Avenue approach will also be reconstructed for 180 feet south of US-41/M-28 for water main work.

NEGAUNEE, MI--   Negaunee needs a new manager. 

ABC 10 says the city council voted 5-2 to separate from manager Jeff Thornton after six years.  Mayor Don Gladwell said Thornton didn’t receive a poor evaluation; it was just that he and the city were headed in different directions. 

Some in attendance at the Monday night meeting felt the move was personal. 

The council and Thornton mutually agreed upon the separation, effective March 9. 

NEGAUNEE, MI--The City of Negaunee is welcoming Heikki Lunta back with a festival this weekend.

Opening ceremonies on Friday include a parade for the Finnish snow god beginning at 6 p.m. along Snow Street in Old Town Negaunee.

NEGAUNEE, MI--   The City of Negaunee has the go-ahead to demolish the Sundberg Building. 

WLUC-TV says owners Jim and Ann Kantola had hoped to put the demolition off until spring by filing an injunction and restraining order.  

The roof on a portion of the empty building collapsed in 2010, and the city has wanted to tear the building down to protect neighboring properties and residents.