Crystal Theatre

The Crystal Theatre

We spoke with Angie Dohl, manager of The Crystal Theatre in Crystal Falls, MI about their summer events; Pipe Organ performances, Fungus Fest concerts, and a special visit from Judy Collins.

The Crystal Theatre

Kurt Hauswirth spoke with the manager of The Crystal Theatre, Angie Dohl, about what is coming up in the events calendar in the month of July 2018.

For the full event calendar listing and ticket information, visit

The Crystal Theatre Performing Arts Center

Kurt Hauswirth spoke with Angie Dohl, the manager of the Crystal Theatre Performing Arts Center, about what to expect from their "Gem of a Season" this summer.

For information on the Crystal Theatre's first event of the "Gem of a Season," head to our story on Randy Sabien & the Fiddlehead Band here.

Crystal Theatre


Randy Sabien & the Fiddlehead Band

give an energetic kick off to Gem Season / Pine Mountain Music Festival

The 28th season of the Pine Mountain Music Festival is beginning soon, with the 2018 festival taking place June 15th - June 30th.  Artistic Director Dr. Joel Neves stopped by our studios to talk about the exciting line-up this year.

Kurt Hauswirth had an opportunity to speak with Petri Prauda, one of the members of the Nordgrass group, Frigg, about their members, their beginnings as a group, their cultural inspirations and what they recall about their previous trip to the Upper Peninsula in 2002.

Kurt Hauswirth spoke with Warren Nelson, aka "Anglin' Wayne" about the upcoming concert at The Crystal Theatre in Crystal Falls.  Anglin' Wayne and The Trollers, a "fishing band" will perform up north songs such as "Tackle Box Waltz," "Trolling Home to You," and "Nice Fish."  Listen to the full interview below:

Anglin' Wayne and The Trollers perform at The Crystal Theatre Saturday, October 14th at 7pm.  Tickets and information available at

Kurt Hauswirth spoke with Bob Milne, who the Library of Congress calls a "National Treasure", and is also named the best ragtime and boogie-woogie pianist in the world.  He has an upcoming performance at the Crystal Theatre in Crystal Falls, MI.

Bob Milne will be performing at The Crystal Theatre, Sunday, August 13th at 2pm.  Ticket information is available at