Danielle Simandl

Superior String Alliance

Times are different; everyone is making changes and adjustments to what they do. In the arts, it is particularly hard, since so much of the magic relies on being in-person.

One organization that is evolving and utilizing creativity and technology to keep fulfilling its mission is the Superior String Alliance. Normally, they have a traditional summer camp experience that takes place at Presbytery Point in Michigamme, Michigan. But, with the COVID-19 pandemic on the rise, Danielle Simandl (Executive Director of SSA) and the staff decided the best option was to go virtual.

Classiclectic host Kurt Hauswirth spoke with Danielle about how the camp experience has changed, how they've handled the challenges of going virtual, and how they're providing the camp experience with some modifications:

The Superior String Alliance Chamber Players are going on their annual summer tour July 17-20, and they are sharing concerts with different local musicians.  They also have their summer camp for string students young and old.  Danielle Simandl, Executive Director of the SSA came to Public Radio 90 to talk about the events.

Hans Ahlstrom Superior String Alliance Executive Director about the SSA Camp for string players and the concert tour by camp faculty beginning next week.

For more information on the camp and the concert tour, visit the Superior String Alliance website

Superior String Alliance Chamber Players Tour the U.P.

Jul 14, 2017

Kurt Hauswirth spoke with Danielle Simandl, Executive Director of the Superior String Alliance, regarding the SSA Chamber Players' upcoming U.P. tour.  They will be playing in a variety of locations throughout the week of July 18th - 22nd.

Danielle Simandl

Hans Ahlstrom speaks with SSA Executive Director Danielle Simandl and members of the SSA Chamber Players about this year's youth camp and tour.

Superior String Alliance Chamber Players 6-17-15

Jun 17, 2015


Hans Ahlstrom speaks with Superior String Alliance Camp Executive Director and Music Director Danielle Simabndl and Educator/cellist Maddy Herdeman about this year's camps and concerts.

Superior String Alliance

    Hans Ahlstrom interviews the Superior String Alliance Camp Music Director Danielle Simandl about this year's camp.