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The DeVos Art Museum on Northern Michigan University's campus is near the end of their 12th annual juried exhibition, North of the 45th.  Artists that hail from north of the 45th parallel can submit their artwork annually for this exhibition, which accepts media from all across the arts.

Emily Lanctot, director and curator of the DeVos, came to our studios to talk about the exhibition and the special celebration occuring Friday, August 9th, including an artist talk:

DeVos Art Museum

The DeVos Art Museum is holding a call for entries for the 12th annual "North of the 45th" Upper Midwest Juried Exhibition.  Emily Lanctot, Director, Curator, & Outreach at the DeVos, tells us how to register in this Arts and Culture Update:

Kurt Hauswirth spoke with two guests in the studio: Darlene Weisinger, volunteer for Lake Superior Life Care and Hospice, and their program, Adult Day Services, and Emily Lanctot, Curator of Collections and Outreach from the DeVos Art Museum on Northern Michigan University's campus, about an upcoming pop-up art show and benefit at the DeVos.

Melissa Alan, director and curator of the DeVos Art Museum, and Kelsey Blackburn, graduating senior, came to our studios today to talk about what is on display for the Winter 2018 Senior Exhibition.  A variety of mixed media, either through continuing work or newly-made works, are expected, along with pricing for anyone interested in purchasing art.

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The DeVos Art Museum on the campus of Northern Michigan University will host a visiting artist that originally hails from Michigan.  Geoffrey Holstad, now of Ojai, California, will speak this evening about his background as a designer and artist, as well as his passion for supporting grassroots environmental organizations.  He also works as a Senior Graphic Designer at Patagonia, which recently launched the Patagonia Action Works platform to connect individuals with organizations to encourage creative action to address issues related to our planet.