Dr. Robert Lorinser

MARQUETTE, MI--   The Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine will soon be arriving in the Upper Peninsula.

MARQUETTE, MI--   The medical director for four Upper Peninsula health departments says the region is doing well keeping COVID-19 rates down.

Dr. Robert Lorinser says the U.P. peaked on November 9 and rates have been declining since then, but he’s concerned about surges after the holiday season.

“It usually takes anywhere from, say five days to three weeks to see if there’s a surge or not. So far, so good.”   

MARQUETTE, MI--   The medical director for most of the U.P.’s health departments says COVID levels are surging in the region because residents have let their guard down.

Dr. Robert Lorinser says cases are at a critical level.

“Critical means I’m concerned about the hospitals being able to take care of the sick people. That we have enough ICU beds available, we have enough floor beds available. That we have resources to take care of people if they need to be transported to other places.”