UP Energy Task Force

MARQUETTE, MI--   The UP Energy Task Force is scheduled to meet again on Tuesday, June 9.

The meeting will focus on how electricity is transmitted through the Upper Peninsula. Presentations by American Transmission Company and the Michigan Public Service Commission will provide overviews of the current state of transmission, from power producers to end users.

Following the presentation and a task force work session there will be time for public comment.

MARQUETTE, MI--   The UP Energy Task Force is beginning a wide-ranging analysis of energy needs in the Upper Peninsula during an online public meeting Tuesday.

Two presentations are scheduled to provide overviews of the region’s energy landscape and electric power providers. Time has been set aside after the presentations for public comment.

The panel is required to submit a report on U.P. energy issues and alternatives to Governor Gretchen Whitmer by March 31, 2021.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   A panel studying ways to secure energy for the Upper Peninsula is developing recommendations on propane supplies. 

The UP Energy Task Force will meet Monday by video conference to wrap up the list, which must be submitted to Governor Gretchen Whitmer by Friday.

More than 800 public comments were received. The final recommendations, technical document, and appendices will be posted online.

LANSING, MI--   State Sen. Ed McBroom, R-Vulcan, shared the following statement on Wednesday regarding the Upper Peninsula Energy Task Force Committee’s first draft of recommendations and subsequent comments made by Attorney General Dana Nessel:

“While I appreciate the work of the task force, there are key points that should be considered when making recommendations, including feasibility and cost of a proposal. It seems both were ignored for many of the ideas generated by the task force.

LANSING, MI--   The following is a press release from Attorney General Dana Nessel's office:

LANSING, MI--   The U.P. Energy Task Force Friday publicly released 14 draft recommendations it is making to the Governor on propane availability in the Upper Peninsula.

The recommendations are posted to the Task Force’s website along with a technical report on propane and possible impacts if delivery were to be interrupted.

ST. IGNACE, MI--   The U.P. Energy Task Force is meeting in St. Ignace this week to discuss propane availability in the region. 

The group was created by executive order to assess the U.P.’s overall energy needs and how they’re being met. It aims to formulate alternative solutions for meeting those needs and identify and evaluate potential changes that could occur to energy supply and distribution in the region.

The task force must submit a plan by March 31 on possible alternative means to supply propane to the U.P.

Nicole Walton

MARQUETTE, MI--   The UP Energy Task Force met at Northern Michigan University Tuesday to talk about how propane would be supplied to customers in the event of a disruption in service.

Eighteen percent, or about 22,000 households in the Upper Peninsula, use propane as a primary heating source.

MARQUETTE, MI--   The U.P. Energy Task Force is meeting in Marquette Tuesday. 

The working session will take place from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. in NMU's Harden Hall (the library building) room 109. It will include the opportunity for public comment.

The group is tasked with assessing the U.P.’s energy needs and how they’re being met, then formulating alternative solutions for meeting those needs.

Superior Watershed Partnership

LANSING, MI--    Governor Gretchen Whitmer has appointed an Upper Peninsula woman to the U.P. Energy Task Force. 

Tonya Swenor of Marquette is the energy assistance program manager for the Superior Watershed Partnership. She assists low-income families with energy bills and household energy efficiency programs.

Swenor replaces Emily Leach, who resigned.