MARQUETTE, MI--   Two Upper Peninsula airports will benefit from funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation. 

The DOT announced $477 million in infrastructure grants for 264 airports across the country on Wednesday. The money will go toward projects to rehabilitate and construct runways and taxiways and acquire and replace equipment to ensure the safety of passengers and airline workers.

Sawyer International Airport is getting $678,150 and the Chippewa County International Airport in Sault Ste. Marie $155,325.

SAWYER, MI--   Marquette County is getting money from the Federal Aviation Administration for Sawyer International Airport. 

Just over $175,000 will be used to rehabilitate runways, improve structural integrity, and remove debris at the airport.

The money comes through the FAA’s Runway Incursion Mitigation Program, which helps airports identify, prioritize, and develop strategies to mitigate risk.