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The DeVos Art Museum on Northern Michigan University's campus is near the end of their 12th annual juried exhibition, North of the 45th.  Artists that hail from north of the 45th parallel can submit their artwork annually for this exhibition, which accepts media from all across the arts.

Emily Lanctot, director and curator of the DeVos, came to our studios to talk about the exhibition and the special celebration occuring Friday, August 9th, including an artist talk:

The Crib Facebook Page

Alexis Mahler plays the cello, but in a way that is different, tender, and personal.  Originally from Marquette, she was entrenched in the local music scene in many kinds of performances and ensembles.  She eventually became interested in telling her story through her own music, and as a part of that discovery, she moved to Portland, Oregon and developed musical friendships there, too.  Now, she's back in Marquette for a reunion with some of her home musician friends for a performance at The Crib.  She's playing the cello, strumming and plucking strings, and utilizing her voice to let us in on her life's story so far on "Low Moon," her latest EP.

Alexis joined Kurt Hauswirth in studio during Classiclectic to talk about her music, her journey as a cellist, vocalist and songwriter, and how it feels to come back to Marquette:

NMU Vinyl Record Club

The beginning of August in Marquette marks the 22nd semi-annual Ore Dock Vinyl Show on the calendar.  Long time collaborators Geoff Walker (coming from the Detroit area) and Jon Teichman (from NMU's Admissions office and Adviser of the NMU Vinyl Record Club) come together to turn the upstairs of the Ore Dock Brewing Company into a pop-up vinyl shop.  It doesn't end there however, as there is more than vinyl records: posters, compact discs, tapes, t-shirts, books and more will also be available for perusal.

Pure Michigan

Fayette's historic hotel will feature musician and songwriter Steve Hooper from Under This Cold Sky productions.  He will be there to help in the 60th Anniversary celebration of the Historical Fayette State Park, with a combination of traditional and modern folk styles that pay tribute to the land, the people and the folklore of the Upper Peninsula.

Kurt Hauswirth spoke with our southern Upper Peninsula connection, Pasqua Warstler (previously of the Bonifas Art Center) about the event:

Public Radio 90

Based on the novel and the hit-movie of the same name, this musical chronicles the journey of the famously perky Elle Woods, a fashion-savvy, UCLA sorority girl who finds her life turned upside down when she is dumped by her longtime boyfriend, Warner, for not being “serious” enough. Determined to show him that she can be both fabulous and smart, Elle follows Warner to Harvard Law School, where she initially struggles to fit in with her navy-wearing, East Coast classmates. However, with the help of her sorority sisters and her new friends Emmett and Paulette, Elle discovers that maybe she does have what it takes to succeed at Harvard… and she doesn’t need to sacrifice her delightfully pink personality to do it, either!

We spoke with the director of SAY Theater's "Legally Blonde The Musical Jr." and Petra Frazier, one of the principle players:


Marquette is known to be a supporter of arts of all kinds.  In its fifth year, the Marquette Art Week celebrates art in its many forms, celebrating the rich and diverse culture of Marquette.  Exhibits, performances, receptions, studio tours, a bike tour, demonstrations, and street performers are some of the ways that the arts are expressed and celebrated in this annual June event.

Tristan Luoma, Arts and Senior Services Coordinator with the City of Marquette, came to Public Radio 90's studios to speak with Kurt Hauswirth about all that Art Week 2019 has to offer:

Public Radio 90

Public Radio 90's Hans Ahlstrom speaks with members of the band Stan Berry about their music and the new CD 'Standards'

TaMaMa Dance Company

TaMaMa Dance Company (TDC) presents Collection, "an accumulation of movement gathered for study, comparison, and exhibition with the intention to intrigue, surprise, and inspire."  Kurt Hauswirth spoke with the three members of TDC (Marissa Marquardson, Maggie Barch, and Tara Middleton) about what this means, and what to expect on the stage:

May the Fourth for the 4th Facebook page / Marquette Area Fourth of July Celebration Committee

How are fireworks and Star Wars related to the downtown Marquette area?  The Marquette area is known to have a spectacular Fourth of July celebration at the Mattson Lower Harbor Park every July 4th.  The fireworks have considerable cost to put together the show every year; a group called the 501st Legion (an official screen-accurate Star Wars costuming group) and local photographer Daniele Carol Co. are teaming up to fundraise for the downtown Marquette fireworks.  Fans will be able to get a high-quality photo with their favorite intergalactic characters, and have the opportunity to bring their own props and scenarios.  The photography fee will be donated entirely for the Fourth of July celebration.

Mike Forester is with Northern Michigan University's Marketing and Communications Department, but he is also a self-proclaimed Star Wars fanatic:

Superior Arts Youth Theater Facebook Page

The Superior Arts Youth Theater is a nonprofit organization in the central Upper Peninsula of Michigan that provides opportunities for youth ages 3-18 to get involved in theater productions, on stage and behind the scenes.  The next performances happen May 3rd through 5th with the second annual Play Festival, with three different plays highlighted.  The classic German folk tale "Hansel and Gretel" (directed by Nathan Morgan), Shakespeare's "As You Like It" (directed by Teagan Sturmer), and "Brave Little Tailor" (directed by Taylor Koski) are all featured in performance at both the NMU Forest Roberts Theatre and the NMU Panowski Black Box Theatre.

All three directors, as well as the executive director and producer Jalina McClain, joined Kurt Hauswirth during Classiclectic to talk about their experiences preparing the companies for performance, as well as challenges and surprises along the way: