John Vucetich


HOUGHTON, MI--   Wolf pups have been born on Isle Royale National Park for the first time since 2014.

Officials from the park and the State University of New York documented the arrival of at least two pups in 2019 and two litters of an unknown number of pups this year.

Seven wolves were relocated from an Ontario island and the mainland to Isle Royale in 2019. One of the females was likely pregnant. This year’s pups were bred on the island.

ISLE ROYALE, MI (AP)--   Scientists say the gray wolves in Isle Royale National Park are in growing danger of extinction and may have stopped reproducing. 

A report given Monday to The Associated Press says scientists with Michigan Technological University saw no evidence that pups were born in the past year during their recent winter trip to the park. It's believed to be the first time since scientists began monitoring the wolves' reproduction in 1971 that no offspring were born.