Marenisco Township

MARENISCO TOWNSHIP, MI--   Marenisco Township officials hope a judge orders the state to reopen the Ojibway Correctional Facility. 

Township Supervisor Richard Bouvette says a lawsuit filed against the Michigan Department of Corrections states the MDOC was prejudiced and didn’t follow proper procedure when it decided to close Ojibway.

“Proper procedure would have been to do a study of the area to find out if it could withstand the prison closure and it’s pretty obvious that they did not do that,” he says.

MARENISCO TOWNSHIP, MI (AP)--   Marenisco Township is suing to stop the closing of the Ojibway Correctional Facility. 

Officials say the state didn't do an economic-impact study as required by law. But Monday a judge rejected a request for a restraining order.

The Corrections Department in August announced plans to close the Ojibway prison in December. The prison has 203 employees, including some who live in Wisconsin. Local officials say closing the prison would greatly harm the economy.

MARENISCO TOWNSHIP, MI--   The Supervisor of Marenisco Township says a plan to close the Ojibway Correctional Facility is political. 

Richard Bouvette says he doesn’t buy the Department of Corrections’ contention that Ojibway is too isolated and it needs to be shut down to save the state money. He speculates many of those involved in the decision are term-limited and won’t have to face repercussions.

MARENISCO TOWNSHIP, MI--   A Marenisco Township man has been arrested in connection with a domestic disturbance. 

Gogebic County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a residence Tuesday around 10:10 p.m. They had received a report that a man was in possession of a firearm and was using a chainsaw to cut down trees to prevent the victim from leaving the house. The victim was able to flee just before officers arrived.

Deputies made contact with the suspect, who surrendered without incident.

MARENISCO TOWNSHIP, MI (AP)--   State officials are hosting a meeting in Gogebic County for people interested in helping maintain or improve deer habitat in the Upper Peninsula.  

The gathering is scheduled for Thursday at the township hall in Marenisco.

U.P. deer typically spend winters among dense canopies of conifer trees, especially cedar and hemlock. Snow is less deep there, and the areas provide links to trails with access to food and routes for evading predators.

MARENISCO TOWNSHIP, MI--   The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is selling six acres of land at the Presque Isle River Dam flooding area to Marenisco Township.  

The DNR spent $126,000 to replace corroded gates at the dam and repair a steel beam that broke in spring 2013 flooding. 

The Michigan Department of Conservation built the dam on the West Branch of the Presque Isle River in 1958 to provide waterfowl and fish habitat.  The Gogebic County Board managed the dam.  But in 2002 it failed during spring runoff and the DNR resumed responsibility for the dam. 

MARENISCO TOWNSHIP, MI--   An elderly woman reported missing from her Marenisco Township home has been found alive.  

State Police from the Wakefield Post say Helen Wakevainen, 82, was last seen Tuesday around 12:30 p.m.  Officials initiated a search, and 31 hours later she was found in the woods about a quarter-mile from her house on Lake Gogebic.

Wakevainen was taken to Aspirus Grandview Hospital for treatment. 

Ojibway inmates charged with murder

Jul 19, 2013

MARENISCO TOWNSHIP, MI (AP)--   State police say two inmates have been charged with second-degree murder in the fatal beating of a third prisoner at the Ojibway Correctional Facility in Marenisco Township. 

Randolph Conner died January 9 of a brain injury. 

State police Detective Sgt. Russell Larson says Delorean S. Henderson, 25, and Michael Smith, 32, were arraigned in Gogebic County District Court.

MARENISCO TOWNSHIP, MI--   An Indiana man has been arrested in Gogebic County for threatening a woman. 

Troopers from the Wakefield Post were called to a Marenisco Township residence Sunday night on a report that an unknown male had approached a family from a wooded area near their house.  They say the man entered Lake Gogebic with a large stick and made physical threats toward an adult female. 

When troopers made contact with the subject he was making rambling statements about Satan and religion.