Mark Wilson

JACKSON, MI (AP)--   A man who said he committed a crime so he could return to prison apparently killed himself in a 40-foot plunge. 

The Corrections Department says 59-year-old Mark Wilson died Wednesday at Egeler Reception & Guidance Center, where inmates typically are housed before getting a prison assignment.

In December, Wilson was sentenced to at least 25 years in prison for armed robbery at the Escanaba Hardee’s, a punishment that was enhanced because of past convictions.

He told a judge that he had lost the “ability to function normally” in society.

ESCANABA, MI (AP)--   A 59-year-old Michigan man who says he robbed a business so he could return to prison could be locked up for the rest of his life. 

Mark Wilson was sentenced this week to at least 25 years in prison for armed robbery and he'll be in his 80s when he's eligible for parole. Police say Wilson, from Portage, gave a note to a Hardee's employee in Escanaba last July, indicating that he was robbing the restaurant. He waited in a restroom until police arrived.

Wilson told a judge that he's “lost the ability to function normally with society.”

Delta County Prosecutor's Office

ESCANABA, MI--   The man arrested for trying to rob the Escanaba Hardee’s Tuesday has been arraigned in Delta County District Court. 

Mark Wilson, 59, of Kalamazoo is accused of handing a restaurant employee a note saying he had a gun. It asked for money to be brought to him in the men’s bathroom. Employees called 911 after Wilson went into the bathroom.

Escanaba Public Safety officers cleared the restaurant and persuaded Wilson to come out of the men’s room. He was arrested without incident.