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The Bonifas Arts Center in Escanaba has many activities, classes and artwork on offer for June 2021 and for the summer. There is a photography competition with the theme "New Normal," all about how Covid-19 has changed our lives, plus a community art project called "Art in Flight," which will be an installation at the Municipal Dock in Escanaba.

Music Monday's also make a return later in June, as well as a full roster of classes for all ages, from art to cooking.

Staci Berg is the Education Coordinator at the Bonifas, and we spoke with her about upcoming events during June 2021:

Superior Arts Youth Theater

The next online production from the Superior Arts Youth Theater is coming soon. "Happiness is Homemade" by Quinn Xavier Hernandez virtually premieres online Friday, May 21, and has a dash of comedy, an appreciation for homemade food, and the unexpected. That all blends together in this ambitious multimedia production from SAYT, featuring youth talent from the Upper Great Lakes.

We spoke with director Sophie Sam about how the production came together, including the challenges of continuing to navigate socially distanced productions with the added challenge of filming in multiple locations in our region:

NMU Record Club

A return to form.

That is what we are all hopeful for, and one event returning to the Upper Great Lakes area is the Vinyl Record Show at the Ore Dock Brewing Company. The 8th edition of the show returns June 3rd to the community space of the brewery, in a slightly different format than in pre-Covid life.

Kurt Hauswirth spoke with Jon Teichman and Geoff Walker, two people who have been instrumental in holding the record shows since 2013.

Hear the conversation:

The Bonifas Arts Center in Escanaba is gearing up for summer activities, including a rescheduled NMU Faculty Biennial Show, classes on plein air painting, cooking, watercolor art and more.

Staci Berg is the Education Coordinator at the Bonifas, and we spoke with her about upcoming events during summer 2021:

I Pray For My Enemies is the name of the first new recording in a decade from Joy Harjo, the first Native American to be named Poet Laureate of the United States. It's an album of singing, speaking and playing from Joy and a variety of top-notch musicians that seeks healing for a troubled world. It was released March 5th, 2021, and Kurt Hauswirth spoke with her about it. Hear the conversation below:

Superior Arts Youth Theater is a year-round arts organization that seeks to empower young people by providing educational, performance, and technical theater opportunities. During the time of Covid-19 and social distancing, they've pivoted to alternative programming, one of which is an animation series, voiced by the young actors from SAY Theater. These animations premiere online; you can follow SAYT on Facebook for updates and visit for more information.  Kurt Hauswirth spoke about the animation series with  Superior Arts Youth Theater's Executive Director, Jalina McClain, as well as Esme, a student voice-actress from Houghton.

Jason Schneider is the guest artist of the month at Zero Degrees Gallery for April 2021. He is an Assistant Professor of Furniture Design and Woodworking at Northern Michigan University, and works in the medium of laminated corrugated cardboard to make furniture and art. He also is a woodturner and teaches courses on woodturning and wood bending at NMU.

Kurt Hauswirth spoke with Marc Himes and Jason Schneider about his art, teaching, and how they come together in what you can see at the gallery.

Hear the conversation below:

April is National Poetry Month, and Peter White Public Library is celebrating with a month-long list of events which draw from the poetic talent of the Upper Great Lakes. They also feature regular monthly events,  and to learn more about what's on offer for April 2021, we spoke with Marty Achatz, Adult Programming Coordinator at Peter White.

Tim Trombley is the guest artist of the month at Zero Degrees Gallery for March 2021. He is a local landscape photographer in the Upper Peninsula, who primarily captures wide landscape, but his display at Zero Degrees is more than that.

Tim spoke with Public Radio 90's Kurt Hauswirth about his gallery at Zero Degrees, his photographic process and why he loves capturing images in the Upper Peninsula. Hear the conversation at the link below:

This time on the Bonifas Arts Update, we look at exhibits and classes for the month of March 2021. You'll hear about it with Public Radio 90's Kurt Hauswirth in conversation with two guests from the Bonifas: Sue Roll (Special Events) and Staci Berg (Education Coordinator).