Ore Dock Brewing Company


The Marquette Area Blues Society and the Ore Dock Brewing Co are presenting bluesman Larry McCray tomorrow night at the Ore Dock.

I had a chance to speak with Larry on the phone the other day… and we talked about growing up with music… the politics and promotions of the business… and his recent appearance on the annual Blues Cruise

Larry McCray is playing tomorrow night at the Ore Dock Brewing co from 7-10pm, brought to you by the Ore Dock and the Marquette Area Blues Society.

visit his website at larrymccray.net

Ore Dock Brewing Company

The final Pop-Up Vinyl Record Show of 2019 will happen at the Ore Dock Brewing Company, November 7 - 10.  Vinyl records, as well as compact discs, cassettes, stickers, posters and various assorted media will be available on the second floor Community Space starting at 4pm Thursday, November 7th.

We spoke with Jon Teichman, one of the curators of the event:

NMU Vinyl Record Club

The beginning of August in Marquette marks the 22nd semi-annual Ore Dock Vinyl Show on the calendar.  Long time collaborators Geoff Walker (coming from the Detroit area) and Jon Teichman (from NMU's Admissions office and Adviser of the NMU Vinyl Record Club) come together to turn the upstairs of the Ore Dock Brewing Company into a pop-up vinyl shop.  It doesn't end there however, as there is more than vinyl records: posters, compact discs, tapes, t-shirts, books and more will also be available for perusal.

Marquette Symphony Orchestra Facebook Page

The Marquette Symphony Orchestra’s Summer Strings returns for a second year with three free performances.

The third is Wednesday, July 24 at 6:00 p.m. at Ore Dock Brewing Company, featuring rock through the decades.

This performance is free, open to all ages and features members of the Marquette Symphony Orchestra strings section. Donations will be accepted.

Marquette Symphony Orchestra Facebook Page

The Marquette Symphony Orchestra’s Summer Strings returns for a second year with three free, family-friendly performances.  The first is Wednesday, June 26 at 6:00 p.m. at the Marquette Commons, as part of Marquette Art Week.  In the event of inclement weather, the concert will be held at Messiah Lutheran Church at 305 W. Magnetic Street.  This performance is free and features members of the Marquette Symphony Orchestra strings section.

An MSO String Quartet will also play during the Art Stroll on Thursday, June 27 outside the Pocket Park on the 100 block of W. Washington St.

NMU Vinyl Record Club

Jon Teichman came to our studios to talk about the Ore Dock Vinyl Show, a five-day event at the Ore Dock Brewing Company.

NMU Vinyl Record Club

The Vinyl Record Shows at the Ore Dock Brewing Company have been a regular occurance for vinyl record and music lovers of all kinds, providing an opportunity to swap music, purchase and discuss all kinds of media for five years.  The 20th edition of the show will happen starting the afternoon of Thursday, March 28th; Jon Teichman of the NMU Vinyl Record Club came to our studios to tell us more:

Public Radio 90

The Jitterbug Jive returns to the Ore Dock Brewing Company, the second annual fundraising event for Public Radio 90!  This time, we are fortunate to have the Marquette music-making collective Adam Sawfox for musical entertainment.  To give a taste of what to expect, we had two members of the ensemble join us in studio for a mini-performance and interview, along with Kris Wierenga from the Ore Dock.

Who is Adam Sawfox?  They are a collection of musicians from the Northern Michigan area who, along with vocalist and guitarist Michael Waite, perform multi-genre music of jazz, swing, Americana, dancehall rock and all points in between.

Full interview with Michael Waite, Mike Bjella and Kris Wierenga:

Jason Hagen, Writer/Producer "Northbound" / Lullskull Ltd. / "A" Street Films, LLC.

The Upper Peninsula, Michigan-made survivalist digital series NORTHBOUND is holding an ongoing Series Tour to re-connect regional residents with Seasons 1 and 2, and introduce supporters to a new Season 3 Sneak Preview and series sponsors.

The series, co-created by U.P. Michigan natives Seth & Nathan Anderson and producer Jason Hagen, began in 2014 as a proof-of-concept for the forthcoming feature film NORTHSTAR, which will also be filmed entirely in the Upper Peninsula at locations in Houghton, Gwinn, Norway, Iron Mountain, and Sagola to start, with other U.P. locations to be added.  The story follows the early days of lone father, Alex (played by U.P. actor Nate Alwine) as he travels a rugged post-Cataclysmic North American landscape with his comatose daughter, Crystal.  Along the way, Alex gives his all to protect Crystal as they come into contact with other survivalist groups challenging each other for control over the North Woods.

Kurt Hauswirth had an opportunity to speak to Co-Creator, Seth Anderson, and Coordinating Producer, Fay Mannon Rahoi; they discussed what can be expected at the Ore Dock screening event:

NMU Vinyl Club / Facebook Page

It's time once again for an Ore Dock Record Sale; vinyl, CDs, cassettes, books, posters and more will be available in the upstairs Community Space of the Ore Dock Brewing Company.  Live musical acts will also be featured throughout the sale, which starts Wednesday, November 14th at 5pm.  The sale and shows continue through the 14th to the 17th.

Jon Teichman from the NMU Vinyl Club has partnered with Geoff Walker from Detroit, MI for their 19th record sale and show, and they joined us in our studios to tell us what to expect for this last record sale of the year.