public meeting

HANCOCK, MI--   The U.P. Energy Task Force has scheduled a listening session at its meeting in Hancock Friday. 

Governor Gretchen Whitmer created the task force to assess the U.P.’s overall energy needs and how they are currently being met; formulate alternative solutions for meeting those needs, with a focus on security, reliability, affordability, and environmental soundness; and identify and evaluate potential changes that could occur to energy supply and distribution in the U.P.

MUNISING, MI--   The Michigan Department of Transportation is holding a meeting Tuesday to discuss a roundabout project and the reconstruction of M-28 in Munising next year. 

MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP, MI--   The Michigan Department of Transportation is holding a meeting to discuss Marquette Township’s new roundabout project. 

In 2019 M-DOT plans to replace signaled intersections at Brickyard Road and County Road 492 with roundabouts. The westbound lanes will be moved north to accommodate space needed for the divided highway.

The project also includes additional “Michigan lefts,” a multi-use trail, and a tunnel.

SANDS TOWNSHIP, MI--   The Department of Natural Resources held a public meeting in Sands Township Sunday to discuss potential sites for a new state shooting range in Marquette County. 

Officials shared a list of sites being considered, then listened to attendee’s thoughts about those and other possible sites. 

DNR officials say the meeting is just the first step in a long development process for the shooting range. 

Potential range locations considered in Marquette County:

·    Cliff’s Property: T47N R25W Section 19