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7/27 & 31: Superior Festival Orchestra 2003 / 2004

Revisit the Superior String Alliance’s Superior Festival Orchestra concerts from 2003 and 2004, with music of Mendelssohn, Enescu, Tchaikovsky and more.  Performances from July 2003 and 2004.

Friday evenings at 8pm ET (Encore Tuesday afternoons at 1pm ET)

Superior String Alliance / Marquette Symphony Orchestra / Ore Dock Brewing Company

The Marquette Symphony Orchestra is holding another Summer Strings concert this summer, and this time they bring fellow musicians from the Superior String Alliance Chamber Players.  In partnership with the Hiawatha Music Co-Op and the Ore Dock Brewing Company, the second Summer Strings concert takes place at the brewery Wednesday July 18th.  Concertmaster and string player Janis Peterson came back to our studio to tell us about this collaborative event.

The Superior String Alliance Chamber Players are going on their annual summer tour July 17-20, and they are sharing concerts with different local musicians.  They also have their summer camp for string students young and old.  Danielle Simandl, Executive Director of the SSA came to Public Radio 90 to talk about the events.

Visit for more information about the Superior String Alliance Chamber Players tour dates and locations, as well as all the information about the Summer Strings Camp.

Hans Ahlstrom Superior String Alliance Executive Director about the SSA Camp for string players and the concert tour by camp faculty beginning next week.

For more information on the camp and the concert tour, visit the Superior String Alliance website

Superior String Alliance Chamber Players Tour the U.P.

Jul 14, 2017

Kurt Hauswirth spoke with Danielle Simandl, Executive Director of the Superior String Alliance, regarding the SSA Chamber Players' upcoming U.P. tour.  They will be playing in a variety of locations throughout the week of July 18th - 22nd.

SSA Chamber Players 6-13-16

Jun 14, 2016

S.S.A. Chamber Players on Tour 12-10/13-15

Dec 10, 2015

Danielle Simandl

Hans Ahlstrom speaks with SSA Executive Director Danielle Simandl and members of the SSA Chamber Players about this year's youth camp and tour.

Superior String Alliance Chamber Players 6-17-15

Jun 17, 2015