Upper Peninsula Sled Dog Association

Jack Deo / downtownmarquette.org

MARQUETTE, MI--   The trails for this year’s UP200, Midnight Run and Jack Pine 30 sled dog races certainly won’t lack snow.

Upper Peninsula Sled Dog Association President Darlene Walsch says the routes look really good and officials don’t have to worry about gravel coming up off them.

Walsch says the races will be run pretty much like last year except in the Jack Pine 30, where the entire trail has been re-routed.

MARQUETTE, MI--   Mother Nature is cooperating this year for the running of the UP200 and Midnight Run sled dog races. 

Upper Peninsula Sled Dog Association President Ron Hewson says the trails are looking good.  Warmth over the past week melted the snow a little, which makes for a good, crusty base.  He says upcoming cold temperatures will provide the perfect racing conditions. 


MARQUETTE, MI--   Trail conditions in and around Marquette County are great for the UP200, Midnight Run and Jack Pine 30 sled dog races.  

That’s according to president of the Upper Peninsula Sled Dog Association Pat Torreano, who says recent cold temperatures have hardened up the trails, which is easier on the dogs’ paws and legs. 

She says while musher numbers were initially low because of the weather and slow economy, those numbers have rebounded nicely to normal levels.

Sled dog race results

Feb 18, 2013

MARQUETTE, MI--   Finishers in this year’s UP200 Sled Dog Race mushed their way into Marquette Sunday around 1 p.m. 

For the fourth time in a row Ryan Anderson of Ray, Minnesota won the event, followed by Keith Aili—also of Ray—and Ryan Redington of Wasilla, Alaska.

In the Midnight Run it was Michael Bestgen of St. Cloud, Minnesota who crossed the finish line first, followed by Al Borak of Cheboygan, Michigan and Tom Bauer of Tapiola, Michigan.

And in the Jack Pine 30 the top finishers were Monte Simmons, Jim Winkowski, and Brad Quayle.