Delta Animal Shelter flooded with dogs; horses also found at puppy mill

Aug 26, 2020

ESCANABA, MI--   The Delta Animal Shelter is overwhelmed, following the discovery of a puppy mill in Maple Ridge Township.

On Monday Michigan State Police from the Gladstone Post found 134 dogs at a residence—65 adults and 69 puppies. The shelter took in the dogs. Some appeared malnourished and ill.

Shelter officials say they’re unable to keep up with Facebook messages from concerned residents. Staff is focusing on providing medical care for the animals. They say the dogs and pups will be fine, but for the time being they’re scared.

The Escanaba facility will put out a request for foster families, bathers, walkers, socializers and cleaners toward the end of the week. They say, “No dog should ever live that way.”

But dogs weren’t the only animals seized during the Maple Ridge Township neglect case.

Troopers say they returned Tuesday to the residence and seized seven horses and 11 miniature horses. Several of the miniature mares are pregnant.

All the horses were taken to a local boarding facility and are being evaluated by a veterinarian.

State Police were assisted by volunteers from the Delta Animal Shelter.