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Marquette nurses say UPHS violated federal labor law during the pandemic

MARQUETTE, MI-- The following is a press release from the Michigan Nurses Association: ____ The Michigan Nurses Association on Monday filed three charges with the National Labor Relations Board alleging that UPHS-Marquette has violated federal labor law through its lack of transparency.

UPHS-Marquette has refused to provide a complete inventory of PPE – gloves and masks -- to nurses despite repeated requests. Instead, they have provided the number of days left they have of PPE...

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Giving someone a facial is one of the more intimate jobs out there: leaning over someone else's face, treating it, massaging it.

"To be totally honest, a lot's going to have to happen for me to feel comfortable giving facials in person," says Hawaii-based facialist Nicole Burke Stephenson. "I'm questioning whether or not I'll ever use a steamer again because it blows people's breath into my face."

During her 17 years running Okanogan County's small public health department in eastern Washington, Lauri Jones rarely encountered any controversy.

"Usually, we kind of sit here under the radar," says Jones, whose department before the pandemic was mostly known for mundane duties such as recording births, issuing permits for septic tanks, and investigating reports of food poisoning.

But that all changed when the coronavirus pandemic began in March.

Voters in Ferguson, Mo., made history Tuesday by electing Ella Jones as the city's first African American mayor.

The election took place as protesters filled the streets of many U.S. cities, rallying against systemic racism and police brutality faced by many black communities.

MADISON, WI (AP)--   A new report from Gov. Tony Evers' administration projects wages and personal income levels will rebound next year.

The state Department of Revenue released an analysis Tuesday that found Wisconsin lost 440,000 jobs in April alone, more than twice the number of jobs lost during the Great Recession. Personal income will shrink 0.5% in 2020 but recoup that loss in 2021.

Wages should decrease by 9% in the state but after bottoming out in the third quarter wages should post annual growth rates of 7% in 2021.

For the last two and half months, Gladis Blanco has been out of a job.

Blanco has worked in housekeeping at the Bellagio Resort and Casino in Las Vegas for the last eight years. She has mixed feelings about going back to work.

The best thing about being 17, according to Shawn Richardson, is freedom.

"I'm able to go out more with my friends," he says. "I can do things solo."

Shawn is a junior in high school in Minneapolis. School is fine, but what he really loves is track. His friend timed him running the 100-meter dash in 10.71 seconds.

The track season was canceled because of COVID-19. But if he can run that time officially, he will have the school record. Distance running isn't his thing. Shawn is a sprinter.

"It's like gathering energy and then just letting it go," he says.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   The chairwoman of Michigan’s Democratic Party says people who support President Donald Trump are racist.

Lavora Barnes, who is African American, issued a statement late Sunday saying she won't remain silent because “uncomfortable” conversations must occur during protests over police killings of George Floyd and other black people.

Trump has called demonstrators “thugs."

Catholics cannot tolerate racism and also "claim to defend the sacredness of every human life," Pope Francis says, commenting on the upheaval that has followed the death of George Floyd in police custody.

The pope is urging the U.S. to reach a national reconciliation, after days of protests and violence.

"My friends, we cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to racism and exclusion in any form and yet claim to defend the sacredness of every human life," the pope said on Wednesday.

FLINT, MI (AP)--   Former Gov. Rick Snyder can’t avoid an interview with lawyers in civil lawsuits related to the Flint water scandal. 

A federal appeals court says the decision also covers Andy Dillon, who was state treasurer during Snyder’s first term.

HOUGHTON, MI--   One lane on the Portage Lake Lift Bridge will be closed next Wednesday for inspection purposes.

The Michigan Department of Transportation says routine annual inspections will require the closures from 7 a.m. to no later than 6 p.m. The northbound lane will be closed in the morning and the southbound lane in the afternoon.

MDOT says periodic inspections help ensure continued safe operation of the bridge and identify priorities for future maintenance and repair work.


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