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Sustainer Testimonials From You!


Hello!  Are you a sustaining member of Public Radio 90?  If not, click here to find out how to sign up.  If you are, we'd like to hear from you!

Sustaining members make up a large portion of our fundraising budget, and we want to hear why you chose to give to your local public radio station.  We'd like you to record this for us in a message that we can air on Public Radio 90!

Example Recording (click play button at the link): https://tinyurl.com/y593pytp


Credit Public Radio 90
WNMU-FM Listener Testimonial Questions

How to record your message:


  • Record in a quiet area without too much background noise.
  • iPhone users: here are instructions for recording on your Voice Memo App pre-installed on your phone. 
  • Android users: you may need to download a voice recorder app, such as Smart Recorderor Voice Recorder (free apps) to record your message.
  • If you'd rather record from your desktop or laptop, Audacity is a free audio recording tool, but many computers have applications pre-loaded that can do this for you. 
  • Write/type an email for clarity and/or in case of audio errors
  • Once you've finished recording, email it to khauswir@nmu.edu (MP2 / MP3 / WAV accepted)

We're looking for about :30 - 1:00 per testimonial, but timing does not have to be strict. 
Please let us know if you have any questions (and send those questions to the same email listed above).
We look forward to hearing from you!