Snyder talks Aramark, skilled trades in Marquette

Aug 13, 2014

MARQUETTE, MI--   Michigan Governor Rick Snyder says he plans to implement stricter oversight over the company that provides food to the state’s prison system.  

Aramark has come under fire in recent months for infractions like workers having sex with inmates and maggots found in potatoes delivered to the Alger Maximum Correctional Facility.

Snyder says while he acknowledges there have been issues, he says cuts needed to be made in the Department of Corrections, and the food services sector had to be addressed.

“This was part of that process that was called for by the Legislature, to actually look at this issue, and we’re just trying to implement it appropriately,” he says.  “Again, we had some hiccups.  Let’s make sure we’re showing appropriate oversight and let’s get it resolved.”   

Snyder appeared on an upcoming WNMU Public Broadcasting Media Meet program. 

He also discussed the talent gap with skilled trades.  Snyder says people need to expand their definition of the skilled trades away from only welders, plumbers, and electricians.

“If you’re on the production floor of almost any manufacturing facility, you’re a skilled tradesperson, in terms of running robotics equipment, in terms of running industrial automation,” he says.  “I’d even push the point to you if you’re in agriculture, if you’re running a half-a-million-dollar combine, or a quarter-million-dollar tractor, you’re a skilled tradesperson.”   

Snyder toured flooded areas of Southwestern Lower Michigan Tuesday, then returned to the U.P. to meet with business and education leaders.