8-18 Media

Sunday at 9:34am

This special program features news reports and commentaries produced by journalists ages 8 to 18 from the Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum. The young journalists tackle issues that affect them across the spectrum, but reports are written for an adult audience.

The 8-18 Media crew talks to professional journalist Andrew Lacombe, who got his start in 8-18 Media.  By Annabella Martinson, 12, Liam Ulland-Joy, 11, Will Guter, 15, and Sophia Portale, 11.

Abby Pierce, 18, takes issue with the Hillary Clinton campaign calling her run for president "revolutionary".

Abby Pierce, 18, Emilee Solka, 16, Calli Solka, 14, Brandon O'Brien, 13, Anna Martinson, 12, and Anja McBride, 11, interview Bill Schuette as he attends the UP State Fair in Escanaba.






Angel O'Connor, 16, talks about a cartoon character that gives her strength to stand up for herself.

Anja McBride, 11, reports on 8-18 Media's trip to the Democratic National Convention.

Annabella Martinson, 12, Liam Ulland-Joy, 11, Michael Mankee, 11, and Anna Rayhorn, 11, talk about the joys of collecting coins.

Anna Rayhorn, 11, talks about writing stories that explain something's meaning.

Kids learn how to animate films in Marquette.  By Will Guter, 15, Elise Heide, 13, Annabella Martinson, 12, Liam Ulland-Joy, 11, Bodhi White, 11, and Anja McBride, 11.

Rachel Joyal, 12, talks about one of her favorite people.

Liam Ulland-Joy, 11, Annabella Martinson, 11, and Michael Mankee, 11, talk to a 10-year-old who has Marfan Syndrome.