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Classiclectic’s mission is to foster love, knowledge and enthusiasm for classical music; to expand the awareness and accessibility to the art form; to highlight and explore the stories and performances of the arts community; to continue serving the community of the Upper Great Lakes Region through the vision of Public Radio 90 WNMU-FM.

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The Marquette Male Chorus starts rehearsals on Sept. 7, 2021 at the Messiah Lutheran Church.

The chorus was founded in 1981 and continues to serve the Marquette region with performances in various genres of music, ranging from classical and opera to rock, musical theatre and more.

Kurt Hauswirth spoke with chorus president Floyd Slotterback about the history of the group, plans for the fall and what to expect when arriving at rehearsals:

David Rogers

Solo crossover guitarist David Rogers returns to the Upper Peninsula for a concert Sept. 2nd at the Orpheum Theater in Hancock, MI.

We had an opportunity to speak with him about how he's been during the Covid-19 social distancing period, his creative endeavors during that time, and what audiences can expect attending the concert at the Orpheum.

Hear the conversation:

Marquette Symphony Orchestra

The Marquette Symphony Orchestra is kicking off its 25th Anniversary Season with a free concert at the Presque Isle Bandshell on Saturday, August 14th.

We spoke with Octavio Mas-Arocas, Principal Conductor for the MSO, about what to look forward to in this celebratory concert (including the winning vocalist of the "Sing with the Symphony" contest from February 2020:

The Pine Mountain Music Festival celebrates a return to live music along with its 30th Anniversary of bringing classical music to Marquette, Houghton, Iron Mountain and Crystal Falls. These two celebrations also bring 30th Anniversary performances, on Friday, June 25th at the Kaufman Auditorium in Marquette, and Saturday, June 26th at the Rozsa Center in Houghton.

Both dates bring the talent of promising youth performers in a free performance by the UPStarts at 4pm. After a break for dinner on both the Friday and Saturday performance dates, a variety of performers present the 30th Anniversary Show. This performance is a collaboration with members of the Marquette Symphony Orchestra, the Keweenaw Orchestra, the Marquette City Band, Northern Michigan University's Dance Department, and tenor Miles Mykkanen (one of the original UPStarts).

We hear all about the 30th Anniversary performances in an interview with Diane Eshbach, Trustee and President of the Pine Mountain Music Festival board:

Marquette Symphony Orchestra

The Marquette Symphony Orchestra returns to the Presque Isle Park Bandshell on Saturday, June 19 at 7:30pm with 'June Jubilation,' an outdoor performance.

Under the direction of principal conductor Octavio Mas-Arocas, the concert will consist of: Camille Saint-Saëns, Bacchanale from Samson et Dalila; Quinn Mason, A Joyous Trilogy for Orchestra; Antonin Dvorak, Slavonic Dance Op. 46, No. 8 in G minor; Florence Price, Adoration; and Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: Symphonic Variations on an African Air, Op. 63.

Hear from Octavio himself about what to expect from the MSO with June Jubilation:


Pine Mountain Music Festival

The Pine Mountain Music Festival is back in 2021. They celebrate the return to live concerts across the Upper Peninsula along with their 30th anniversary as an organization bringing classical music to the Marquette, Houghton, Iron Mountain and Crystal Falls areas.

The tour starts in Marquette at Kaufman Auditorium on June 16th, moves to the Crystal Theatre in Crystal Falls on the 18th, and arrives at The Rozsa Center for the Arts in Houghton on June 19th.

The history of flight is full of trial errors; from the stories of Daedalus and Icarus planning escape with wax and feathers, to The Wright Brothers' first successful airplane, human flight has been a dream for humanity for many years.

That's what composer Christopher Tin's latest album, To Shiver the Sky, is all about. An "oratorio about the history of flight and mankind's quest to conquer the heavens," ...Sky tells a story of the evolution of this quest for flight, to reach higher than the earthbound. Throughout this album (featuring guest artists such as the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Opera Chorus, Danielle de Niese and more), the evolution of flight is paired with the evolution of Western classical music. The album's story is told through the perspective of eleven historical figures, a "who's who" of "astronomers, inventors, visionaries and pilots."

Classiclectic host Kurt Hauswirth spoke with Christopher about his album, and how it relates to humanity's efforts to keep trying, even through adversity:

Adrian Greensmith

Life has changed for many, with the Coronavirus shifting the way we live and work. The arts community has grinded to a halt. But, with any difficulty comes innovation, bringing new ways to connect with music fans and patrons from home using the internet, social media and streaming options. It's a little more complicated for recording and performing artists like pianist Simone Dinnerstein. Her career of recording and performing piano works was paused, and the idea of recording in a concert hall was out of the question. But after some time, Simone returned to the idea of recording, presenting A Character of Quiet, a new album with music of Franz Schubert and Philip Glass.

Simone spoke with Classiclectic host Kurt Hauswirth about the struggles to find motivation to create, the difficulties to overcome from recording from home and more:

Marquette Symphony Orchestra Facebook Page

The Marquette Symphony Orchestra presents "Symphony in the Park" on Sunday, Sept. 20 at 3:30pm.

Under the direction of Maestro Octavio Mas-Arocas, members of the Marquette Symphony Orchestra will present orchestral favorites outdoors. It’s their first performance as an orchestra since February. Because of COVID-19 regulations, the outdoor performance is limited to 200 audience members.

 Kurt Hauswirth spoke with Octavio Más-Arocas, Principal Conductor of the MSO, about how the orchestra is adapting to COVID-19, social distancing and utilizing not only a different performance space but technology to bring the music to the people of Marquette:

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