Northern Michigan Voices: Our Own Local StoryCorps Stories

Wednesdays @7:45am & 5:44pm and Sundays @5:35pm
  • Hosted by Hannah Moran


Northern Michigan Voices presents local stories from local voices recorded during July of 2014 by Story Corps.  The recordings were then edited down by the NMU Advanced Audio class under the direction of  the late Dr. Charles Ganzert.

Abbey Hauswirth and Leigh Barry talk about motherhood

Don and Bobby talk about what has made their relationship work for thirty years, despite their differences. 

Floyd and Tricia Slotterback talk about the bumps in the road two folks who are divorced face in order to come together

Suzanne talks about moving to the U.P. and learning to hunt. A friend later brings her out into the woods for her first hunt.

Valerie Bradley-Holliday talks about helping with the construction of the Mattson Park playground in Marquette.

Jeremiah Baumann talks about how he became a wildland firefighter and what the duties of a wildland firefighter are.

Dave Mastric talks about his bird club and "bird nerds." He tells the story of the time his club saw a rare bird, and they went to observe it.