ballot drive

LANSING, MI (AP)--   A ballot drive has turned in more than 483,000 signatures for an initiative to prohibit discrimination against LGBTQ people in Michigan by amending the state’s civil rights law.

If election officials determine roughly 340,000 are valid, the bill would be placed before the Republican-led Legislature, where similar legislation has long stalled. If lawmakers didn't adopt the measure within 40 days, it would go to a statewide vote in November 2022.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, faced with lawsuits challenging her use of emergency powers to fight the coronavirus, could continue to prevail in court. 

But she may be unable to stop a Republican maneuver that would rescind the 75-year-old law that has enabled her to issue and lift COVID-19 restrictions unilaterally.

LANSING, MI (MPRN)--   A Michigan group wants to ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected. 

That would effectively ban abortions after around six weeks. The Michigan Heartbeat Coalition filed ballot petition language with the Secretary of State Tuesday.

Mark Gurley is with the coalition. He said the group wants to get enough signatures to then send the measure to the state Legislature for a vote. Once that happens, the Republican-led Legislature can pass the measure instead of putting it on the November 2020 ballot – and without the governor’s signature.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Billionaire businessman Dan Gilbert is starting a ballot drive as a "failsafe" in case Michigan's Republican-led Legislature and Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer don't enact legislation to cut the country's highest auto insurance premiums. 

Quicken Loans vice president of government affairs Jared Fleisher said Monday that a ballot committee, Citizens for Lower Auto Insurance Rates, will be created this week.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Incensed Democrats and abortion rights advocates are vowing that Republican lawmakers overreached so much with new restrictions on abortion coverage in Michigan's public and private health insurance plans that it'll cost them in the next elections. 

A ballot drive to override the law is being considered. If enough signatures are collected, the statewide vote would coincide with November elections and keep the issue fresh in voters' minds.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   Foes of plans to allow wolf hunting in Michigan have raised the most among groups backing statewide ballot drives. 

Ballot committee Keep Michigan's Wolves Protected reported Thursday that it had taken in roughly $567,000 in 2013, much of it from national animal rights organizations.

The wolf group is by far the best-funded of four groups with ballot drives. It collected enough signatures for a referendum on a law designating the wolf as a game species.