Jane Cisluycis


Jane Cisluycis grew up in St. Louis, MO. She attended NMU in the 1980's and, after some time off, graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor's Degree in Media Studies. Jane has been producing and hosting "In The Pines" and "Just Folks" since 2001 and it is one of the highlights of her busy week. She especially loves doing field recordings for "In The Pines." This takes her to many regional and local festivals and concerts. She finds the usual Folk performer to be very down-to-earth and easy to work with, making work feel more like play!

Jane's 'day job' is as the Canon to the Ordinary for the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan. Her current passions are camping, hiking and continuing a deep dive into the Woody Guthrie Songbook. Jane has two grown married children and one adorable grandbaby.


The 2019 Summer festival season was another success! Performances from the July 2019 Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival and the August 2019 Porcupine Mountains Music Festival were enjoyed by scores of folk music fans AND recorded for your future listening pleasure in upcoming programs of In The Pines. In addition, be sure to listen for recordings from the Marquette Area Blues Fest.  Stay tuned for new programs on In The Pines every Sunday night at 9:00 pm eastern and again every Thursday at 3:30 pm.