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Judge needs more time for thorny issues in Flint water case

DETROIT, MI (AP)-- A judge says he needs more time to research whether Genesee County is the proper place to charge a former Michigan governor in the Flint water scandal. Judge William Crawford II says he's unsure whether he can make a decision about the work of a senior judge who served as a one-man grand jury and returned an indictment against Rick Snyder. Managers appointed by Snyder to run Flint switched the city’s water to the Flint River in 2014. But the water wasn’t treated to reduce...

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Burma Refugees In The U.P.

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Learning Through The Seasons

Learning Through the Seasons (narrated by Iris Katers) is the weekly program that promotes the educational benefits for young children with easy fun-filled activities.

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Hosts Kurt Hauswirth and Hans Ahlstrom discuss what is happening in the area regarding arts, music and cultural events in and around the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Peninsula Performances

*Highlighting musical talent from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, this program features recorded performances from musicians across the Upper Great Lakes