Representative Beau LaFave

GLADSTONE, MI--   State Representative Beau LaFave is urging residents to attend three consumer protection events scheduled in Gladstone.

The programs were developed by the state Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division. They’re designed to help protect residents and provide up-to-date information about possible scams.

LANSING, MI (AP)--   The Michigan House has approved legislation requiring state high schools to give credit for qualifying internships. 

The proposal sponsored by Iron Mountain Representative Beau LaFave cleared the chamber Wednesday. It would amend Michigan's school code regarding academic internships or similar work experiences that last at least four hours a week. The student must attend the internship for the same amount of time a typical course would entail.

LANSING, MI--   State Representative Beau LaFave has co-sponsored legislation that would speed up Freedom of Information Act requests. 

The Iron Mountain Republican says the bill would require state departments to fulfill FOIA requests within 60 days. He says the measure is in response to Attorney General Bill Schuette’s statement that Michigan’s FOIA law doesn’t specify a timeline in which information requests must be fulfilled.

The bill now moves to the House Oversight Committee for consideration.

LANSING, MI--   A House committee has approved legislation sponsored by Representative Beau LaFave that would give high school students credit for internships.

LaFave says many students start career development before they graduate. He says giving course credit for completion of an internship or work study program will encourage them to take advantage of opportunities in their own back yard.

LANSING, MI--   State Representative Beau LaFave says he’ll fight a bill that would ban race- and ethnicity-based school mascots.

The Iron Mountain Republican says he hasn’t heard from one Upper Peninsula resident who was offended by a school’s mascot. He cites the Escanaba and Gladstone school districts, which have the Eskymos and Braves representing them. Lafave says the legislation is “just another weak attempt at forcing political correctness onto us.” He says those communities respect and celebrate their local schools’ mascot.

LANSING, MI--   State Representative Beau LaFave has sponsored legislation that would require air ambulance operations to give non-emergency patients a choice in transportation. 

The Iron Mountain Republican says air ambulance companies participate in “bill balancing.” The patient’s health care provider will pay for a portion of the bill, but not its entirety. He says that could leave patients with medical bills in the tens of thousands of dollars.

LANSING, MI--   State Representative Beau LaFave has co-sponsored legislation that requires the legislature to present a balanced budget to the governor by July 1 each year. 

The joint resolution proposes amending the Michigan Constitution to establish the July 1 deadline and would ensure legislators adhere to it. Should lawmakers fail to complete the budget in time, they would forfeit their daily salaries until the governor gets the budget.

LANSING, MI--   State Representative Beau LaFave has introduced legislation that would eliminate the concealed pistol license requirement. 

His bill would let all legal gun owners carry anywhere CPL holders are currently allowed to carry. Under the four-bill package, the current concealed pistol licensing structure would remain in place, allowing individuals who hold a CPL to continue to carry concealed pistols in other states with reciprocity. Unlicensed individuals will not be permitted to carry concealed in pistol-free zones.

LANSING, MI--   The Michigan House has adopted a resolution introduced by Representative Beau LaFave urging the president and Congress to continue fully funding the Essential Air Services program. 

The program provides smaller communities around the country with commercial airline services.

President Trump had recommended cuts to the program’s budget, which would affect five airports in the U.P

LANSING, MI--   State Representative Beau LaFave is urging budget negotiators to include funding for Upper Peninsula Emergency Medical Services. 

The Iron Mountain Republican says the house draft of the Health and Human Services budget didn’t include $182,000 to fund UPEMS operations. He says if it isn’t replaced many rural communities won’t have adequate emergency medical care.

The funding pays for an annual continuing education seminar for EMS personnel in the Upper Peninsula. Last year about 500 personnel attended.